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Placenta "Lotus Birth" Bags 

Lotus Birth is a age-old tradition that consist of delivering the placenta post childbirth and keeping it attached to baby via umbilical cord. Lotus birth can be done at home, birth centers and hospitals. Tons of research supports the ritual and its' benefits. Doctors and nurses are still unfamiliar with the practice and therefore should be educated on the topic. According to mothers all over the world, Lotus birth benefits were the following:

  • Calmer Baby 

  • Temperature management 

  • Reduced unnecessary baby handling 

  • Umbilical cord falls off much sooner and heals great

  • Breastfeeding success

What do you need? 

Placenta Bag, Chux pads, herbs and salt

How to: rinse the placenta after delivery to remove excess blood. Lay the placenta on the chux pad and apply the salt and herbs on both sides, place in the placenta bag and wait until the umbilical cord falls off (3-10 days). 

You do not need to reapply salt or herbs each day. You can not encapsulate placenta once it has been used for lotus. Do not consume.