Vaginal Steam/ Sitz Bath (Vaginal Healing Postpartum) 


*Photo does not accurately represented the finished product*

Vaginal steams are made of up a variety of herbs that aid in reducing bleeding, decreasing cramping and restoring the vagina after birth or after a menstrual cycle. This package is for 2-4 steams. The number of steams are dependent on individual use and pot size. The herbs can be steeped in a sitz bath or steeped as a steam. 

Ingredients: Rose, Yarrow, Calendula, Lavender and Basil. 


*Other benefits for ALL women:

  • Combat dryness
  • Fertility
  • Reduce chances of infections
  • Restores PH balance
  • Cleanse womb


*Do not use while pregnant or actively bleeding: however safe while nursing.*


1) Empty 1/2 of the jar into a boiling pot of water, steep for 15 mins. Place a towel over on the floor & squat over the pot (be careful). Allow to cool to comfort. 

2) Take herbs, empty them into boiling pot of water, steep for 15 mins. Place the herb water in a steel pot or steel bowl big enough to put in toilet. Sit on toilet. (or use a sitz bath. Allow to cool for comfort.


Pot: If you choose to use a pot in the toilet, test the pot so that you can make sure it fits in with the lid closed. 

Toilets: flush and then turn the knob off. Doing this will drain the water from the bowl. Place the pot in so that you can close the lid. 


Sitz bowls can be purchased on amazon.



You DON’T need lots of herbs! 

Allow pot too cool to comfort! 

Sit for all long as you want, recommendation 20-30 minutes

Vaginal Steam/ Sitz Bath Postpartum

  • 16 oz Brown paper bag

    1 year freshness 

    Must use filter or tea pot