Vaccinations and Toxins are controversial topics, no matter how you choose to avoid them is a personal choice. We can all agree that limiting our expose to toxins are indeed beneficial to our overall health. Hundreds of illnesses can be linked back toxin exposure, especially children. I am offering a gentle detox bath salt to aid the body in eliminating such toxins. Why do we need to detox if we have a working liver? The liver's role is to filter toxins, but even the liver becomes over worked with this job. Detox baths will relieve toxins through the skin, the biggest organ on the body. This special formula is safe for children and adults. Formula includes detoxing powders and essential oils. 



-After immunizations
-Sickness (HFM,flu,cold.. any virus)
-Chronic illness
- long term medication use
- Toxic medication use
-Autoimmune diseases
-Weight loss
-Chronic inflammation
-Body and joint pain


It is IMPORTANT to understand the signs of detoxing post bath. These common reactions are common as the toxins are exiting the system. 

  • Nausea 
  • Headache 
  • Skin irritation 
  • Low grade fever or warmth

These are common reactions. 


Assure that you are hydrated BEFORE and DURING the bath. 

Start with a 15 minute bath for children and 20 minutes for adults, add 10 minutes more each bath. (Measurement: 2 scoops for infant-toddler, 3 scoops for children and 6 for adults)


Detoxing from past vaccinations?

Use one scoop in bath every week for 4 weeks, rest the body for 4 weeks and resume as often as you would like. 


Detoxing a current vaccination and continuing to vaccinate? 

Use 1 scoop per bath every week for 4-6 weeks, rest the body in between vaccinations. After the next vaccination, detox as soon as possible. 


Detoxing from general toxins? 

Use 3 scoops per week as long as desired. 


After a few baths, if there is no reaction present, you may freely use the bombs as desired. 

Do not use soap during bath or apply an lotions or chemicals post bath. 


Feel free to consult with healthcare providers before purchase.



Main Ingredients: 


Bentonite Clay 


Shea Butter 


Baking soda 

Dead sea salt 



Please contact for additional questions or request

Vaccine & Toxin Detox Bath Salt