Please read. Boxes under discount will NOT arrive in a box and excludes notebook and soap. Standard kits will be mailed in a box with all items listed below. 


Postpartum Healing Box


Want it all? We want you to heal! Why shop all over for your postpartum needs when they are available within this convient box. Perfect as a unique gift and suitible for any stage of postpartum. This box may include both prenatal (pregnancy) and postpartum items, ou may began using when you are ready. Please read below on how to order! Your order will be delayed if information is missing. The standard package is listed below, substitutions options are also listed. 


What comes standard in your new Postpartum Box: 


  • Notebook: write down affirmations, breastfeeding schedule, wet and dirty diapers, meals etc. 

-No substitutions 


  • Nipple Healing Balm: heals pained, cracked and sore nipples from breastfeeding.

-Substitution: Peppermint lip balm, Grapefruit lip balm, Night-time baby rub, diaper balm, and Headache Rub (safe while breastfeeding).


  • Sitz Bath: herbal bath for vaginal soreness, hermorroids and tears. Can also be used as a steam (see BTB vaginal steam for directions)

-No substitutions


  • Vag Healing Spray: cool mist of herbal- infused Aloe water. Reduces pain, heals stitches and tears. Can be used directly on vagina or sprayed on a pad or cloth. Maintains vaginal PH balance. 

-Substitutions: Rose Water; facial toner, skin and hair hydrater 


  • Raspberry Leaf & Nettle Tincture: a concentrated combination of raspberry leaf and nettle for toning, strengthening and preparing the uterus for delivery and returning uterus after birth 

-Substitutions: Mood Tincture, Nausea Tincture, Blood pressure Tincture or Pain Tinture. (see tincture listings for more details)


  • Afterbirth Tincture : reduces bleeding, lessen chance of hemorrhages and eases cramping post-birth. (see tincture listing for more details) 

-No substitutions 


  • Herbal Capsules 30 ct (select)

Your choice of herbal capsules. 

Moringa (Milk productions and 82 vitamins)

Alfalfa (Iron and vitamin k) 

Mood (anxiety and depression)

Women's Multivitamin 

Maca (Sex drive and energy)


  • Herbal Tea (select)

16oz package of loose herbal tea of your choice 

Prenatal (vitamins, prepares uterus for delivery)

Postpartum "Recovery" (pain, cramping restore health)(see listing for more details) 

Postpartum "Lactation" (Encourages milk production & supply)(see listing for more details) 

Wellness (Everyday vitamins and iron, perfect for building immune system) 

Blood Pressure (combat high blood pressure during pregnancy and postpartum)


  • Baby Body Bar: A gentle soap bar for the most sensitive skin. Made unique for newborns and mamas. Soaps with harsh chemicals and frangrances should be avoided to reduce breakouts and irritations. Suitible for baby and parents. Made of 



Leave me a note for any substitutions. For questions, fill out the contact form on front page or click the "custom" link in shop. 

If your request can not be honored or requires an additional charge, you will recieve an email to clarify or adjust your order. An incomplete or unclear order will not be shipped. Please reply timely as it may affect your processing time. 

Provide 1 week for custom postpartum healing kits. 

Postpartum Healing Box* (excludes notebook & Soap for Sale)

$80.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
  • 9 Item box customized for you! 

    Box may contains both prenatal and postpartum items. You may began using when you are ready. 

    Shelf life 1 year