Herbal Capsules are dietary supplements made of non-GMO, organic and natural herbs. The herbs used assist in healing the body, mind and spirit. All capsules are made with vegan enclosures (735 mg). Custom capsules are only available in a 100ct. Capsules are intended for adult use ONLY! Take all capsules with or following a meal to reduce upset stomach. SAVE $2 when you refill your 100ct orders. 




The pain capsule is a powerful blend of herbs that work together to create a fast acting and all natural relief for pain. Each herb targets parts of the nervous system as well as has a wide range of anti inflammatory and antioxidants that not only focuses on relieving targeted pained areas, but It helps soothes the nerves that alerts the brain of pain. This blend features White Willow Bark herb which acts as a natural aspirin. The pain capsule can be used for the following:

  • Relieving headaches and migraines
  • Soothing muscles soreness
  • Treating chronic pain such as arthritis
  • Treating PMS and menstrual cramps

Ingredients: Organic While Willow Bark 


Pain capsules can be taken one (2) capsule every 4-6 hours as needed if treating for pain. Should be taken with food.  

Pregnant woman should proceed with caution as It can stimulate the uterus (Ask for a custom option instead).

Pain Capsules