Men's Fertility Tea


*Photo does not accurately represented the finished product*

Ready to expand your family? Prepare your body to conceive with the use of herbs. The body needs a perfect balance of hormones in order to increase your changes of conception. I would recommend the blood cleanse first for anyone who needs to the detox the body before beginning your journey. Our combination of herbs will help stimulate blood, increase s. count and balance hormones. 


Drink 2 cups per day for the best results


Ingredients: Organic Raspberry Leaf, Red Clover, Nettle and Horney Goat Weed


How to use: 

You will need a tea filter (see website to purchase from BTB), empty tea bags or tea pot. For each cup, use 2 tablespoons or "pinches" of herbs and place in your tea filter. Boil water and place filter inside. Steep for 10 mins and enjoy. You can add a sweetener if you need too, but not necessary. 



Custom quantities welcomed through direct contact. Thank you! 



Men's Fertility Herbs

  • 16 oz Brown paper bag

    1 year freshness 

    Must use filter or tea pot