Maca Root 

Herbal Capsules are dietary supplements made of non-GMO, organic and natural herbs. The herbs used assist in healing the body, mind and spirit. All capsules are made with vegan enclosures (735 mg). Custom capsules are only available in a 100ct. Capsules are intended for adult use ONLY! Take all capsules with or following a meal to reduce upset stomach. SAVE $2 when you refill your 100ct orders. 


  • Hormonal balance 
  • Sex drive 
  • Stamina 
  • Sperm quality 
  • Energy

Ingredient: Organic Maca Root 


Take 2 per day for the best results 

Maca Capsules

  • 30 ct arrives in a brown bag and 100ct arrives in glass jar. Save jar for your next refill.