*Please refrigerate upon arrival*


Dr. Sebi & other natural gurus rave about the powerful benefits of Irish Sea Moss. This alkaline sea plant is packed with all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Sea Moss is high in Potassium Chloride and Calcium. Sea Moss is found naturally on earth and unmodified. The gel can be mixed in cooked meals, taken alone or mixed in smoothies. The following are reasons you will love Sea Moss too:! 


• Natural immunity booster 

• Kills infections (including cold & flu)

• Strengthens Bones 

• Provides 90% of minerals needed in the body

• Reduces inflammation (allergies included)

• Aids in pain management in joints 

• Reduces phlegm and excessive mucus


Please visit youtube and Pinterest to get ideas on how to make the best of drinks and dishes. For the best results, do not cook sea moss..instead mix into your dish off fire, this preserves it's nutrients. 

Safe for the entire family, pregnant, nursing and children. 

Irish Sea Moss Gel

  • 16 oz jar of gel. Product WILL maintain freshness while shipping but please refrigerate upon arrival. Keep refrigerated. 

    Fresh for 4 weeks