Hormone Balancing/PMS Herbs 



*Photo does not accurately represented the finished product*


Hormones control much of how we feel, look and behave. When out of wack, women can experience skin, reprodcutive and mood issues.The following blend may assist with: 


Hormonal Acne 

Missed/ irregular cycles 

Long cycles 



Heavy cramping and bleeding 

Mood shifts 

and more 


Ingredients: Organic Vitex, Red Raspberry, Red Clover  & Motherwort 

*Do not use if pregnant or on hormonal birth control* Let me know if you need another alternative.


How to use: 

You will need a tea filter (see website to purchase from BTB), empty tea bags or tea pot. For each cup, use 2 tablespoons or "pinches" of herbs and place in your tea filter. Boil water and place filter inside. Steep for 10 mins and enjoy. You can add a sweetener if you need too, but not necessary. 



Custom quantities welcomed through direct contact. Thank you! 


Hormone Balancing/ PMS Herbs

  • 16 oz Brown paper bag

    1 year freshness 

    Must use filter or tea pot