Tinctures are fast-acting, high quality extracts. These extracts are used to treat conditions directly to the blood stream. Benefits can be felt within minutes.* They are highly effective compared to syrups. Tinctures are made by extracting medicinal properties from herbs with the use of alcohol or vegetable glycerine. We use vegetable glycerine so that it is safe to use on the entire family. Tinctures take 4-6 weeks to mature. We do all the hard work for you. When you receive your tincture, it is ready to use! Small amounts are suitable for children (see dose information below). Should be taken orally as needed. 


Tinctures are house hold staples because they have a shelf life of 3-5 years and do not need to be refrigerated. They can be added to teas and other beverages. The small size makes for great gifts. Contact for custom size! 



Children's suggested amount: 

6 to 8 months -- 4 drops

9 to 11 months -- 5 drops

12 to 18 months -- 7 drops

18 to 24 months -- 8 drops

2 to 3 years -- 10 drops

3 to 4 years -- 12 drops

4 to 6 years -- 15 drops

6 to 9 years -- 24 drops

9 to 12 years -- 30 drops/half of a dropper 

Double dose for an illness. Example: 10 drops X 2 = 20 dropper for illness.

No more than 3x per day


Adult suggested amount
13 years+ 1- 2 full dropplers

Wellness preventative 1/2 dropper per day

No more than 3x per day


* Extra infomation. For a 1 oz bottle, the tincture will fill half the dropper which equates to 20 drops. A full dropper you will need (2) 1/2 droppers to = 1 full dropper. For a 4 oz family size, the tincture will fill 1/3 of the dropper, so 1/3 of the dropper is approximately 20 drops. Photos attached. 1 oz bottle is approximately 32 droppers. A 4 oz bottle is approximately 128 droppers* These are recommendations and estimates only. Thank you. 



Elderberry Tincture 

Packed with large amounts of Vitamin C, making it the most effective way to treat illnesses. 


8 Health Benefits of Elderberry


  • Major Cold and Flu Relief. Elderberries are an excellent general immune system booster
  • Sinus Infection Aid 
  • Lower Blood Sugar
  • Natural Diuretic
  • Natural Laxative
  • Encourage Healthy Skin
  • Ease Allergies
  • May Help Prevent Cancer
  • Lowers Blood pressure and Blood Glucose 

Ingredients: Organic dried Elderberries 


Safe for the entire family

Elderberry Non-Alcoholic Tincture

  • Arrives in a Amber Droppler of 1 oz or 4oz based on your selection. 

    Shelf life 3-5 years