Colloidal Silver 


Colloidal Silver has been used for hundreds of years as a natural antibiotic. Silver is the world's best kept secret, until now. Holistic doctors, mentors and medical professions are beginning to use silver more than ever. I have observed the effects of using Colloidal Silver for 7 years before making it myself. Collodial Silver is also a known antifungal and antiviral. I process Colloidal Silver using a machine and parts made in the USA. Machine uses 9999 Silver with a 20 PPM in a 4 ounce bottle. Colloidal Silver has no known negative effects with proper usage. 


Suggested dose: 1 dropperful for children & 2 dropperful for adults when treating internally. Externally, use a cotton ball and apply 2-3x per to wound or site of infection. 


Examples of uses: 


• Wound care/Skin care including rashes, eczema, ringworm, acne, burns, boils, blemishes, vericose veins, wrinkles and more


•  Ear/Throat/Eye Infections

Just a few drops in the infected ear and eye can be used as a prompt remedy against both infections. Ear infections can be both viral and fungal where an antibiotic would be used.


• Antiviral/Antibacterial properties of Colloidal Silver are quick to reduce activity of viruses and bacteria by suffocating the pathogens. Influenza, Pneumonia, MRSA and the common cold may be quickly and effectively dosed with Silver as an effective remedy.


• Sinus Infections: can be use in place of saline rinse or nasal spray to effectively retaliate against any infection for quick relief.


• Chest infection: Use Silver in a nebulizer to quickly address deep lung infections by getting the silver deep into the lobes of the lung providing direct infection/virus fighting silver to where it is needed most.


Silver can be used both internally through digestion and externally under a bandage. For severe wounds or illnesses, please consult with a doctor. Silver can last for years in a amber glass bottle at room temperature. Do not refrigerate or heat. Travel with it as a immune booster. 


For more information or questions for treatment, please contact me directly. 

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*Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated or tested by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consumer/Purchaser understands they are soley responsible for products purchased.*

Colloidal Silver

  • Arrives in 4 oz Amber dropper bottle.